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We not only provide professional Floral Tape, but also offer superior Crepe Paper. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about Crepe Paper. As a customer-oriented company, we are more than happy to provide detailed information for you.

Crepe Paper
For Party and Window decoration, Craft Design, School Education, Florist & Bouquet Wrapping, Gift Wrapping. There are four main products of crepe series.

Fine Crepe Paper
Double Sided Crepe Paper
Creped Kraft Paper
Metallic Crepe

Fine Crepe Paper

Applying to art design of paper flower, elegant fine crepe will perform meticulous flower vein. It is suitable for design paper flower and party decoration.

Double Sided Crepe Paper

The crepe paper, two sides have each own color on each side. It is good for package for fresh flower and bouquet, one sheet with two colors to enforce multiple colorful appearances. The beautiful color is the best choice for craft designer.

Creped Kraft Paper

The Kraft Paper is stretchable and allows you to wrap irregular shaped items. It is also suitable for metal items package. The package is available with jumbo rolls or slitting rolls.

Metallic color Crepe paper

Gold color and silver color are good for creative decoration and design.

Standard Size : Fold : 25 cm x 125 cm Roll : 14 cm x 25 M, 25 cm x 25 M
50 cm x 10 M, 100 cm x 50 M
Sheet & Roll : 50 cm x 100 cm, 50 cm x 125 cm
50 cm x 200 cm, 50 cm x 250 cm
Streamers In Roll 5 cm x 5 M, 5 cm x 10 M    
5 cm x 25 M, 7 cm x 25 M
8 cm x 10 M, 10 cm x 25 M  
10 cm x 25 M, 12 cm x 25 M
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