1980年 Originated from manufacturer supplying artificial flower.
1983年 Started to research and develop floral tape.
1986年 successfully researching out and developing floral tape, to establish Alongtape Co., Ltd.
1988年 Designed semi-automatic production line to reduce labor cost.
1998年 Drew into new innovation technology to expand capacity and upgrade quality
2004年 Lead into newly innovated technology to develop crepe paper, double sided crepe paper and metallic floral tape.
2007年 New item CREPE paper put in marketing sale.
2009年 New item METALLIC tape put in marketing sale.
2011年 Alongtape Co., Ltd. was renamed as Alongtek Corporation since 2011 year.

Alongtape was founded by Mr. Liao in 1986. We have devoted to manufacturing floral tape and special paper more than 20 years. In the field of special paper, we keep innovating and designing to diverse our unique products. The professional technology brings about outstanding quality and becomes leader of floral material supplier in Taiwan. Then Alongtape earns the name and stand out conspicuously in the world on floral tapes.

Concentration, insistence, steadiness is the consistent core thinking of our management. This strength enable us survive and thrive in the vary transient world market. Our principal is concentrating on R&D to develop independently owned technology. To keep pace with world environmental regulation, we insist to concern more on environment consciousness in the production procedure. Concerning not only an advanced technology but using environment friendly materials to our product line. Our expectations are to develop high value added products. By a steady group management spirit to concentrate on innovation, progress and continuous operation as a responsible enterprise keep strengthen marketing and do our best service to all our customers. Further, our goal is to feedback to our community society.

There is one shocking fire emergency news happened in year 2003. People jumped from high building to escape from the fire. It motivates Mr. Liao to lend a helping hand to innovate "High Building Escape Device" to save more lives. Please feel free to browse at your convenience.

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